How PTA helped to illuminate students’ career path

Making a career choice is one of the hardest decisions to make in life, especially with such abundant choices and opportunities. Tanya is a class 10 student from Jyothi Public School, Bengaluru, who is very confused regarding her career. She has done a lot of online research, consulted her teachers and she seems to be more lost after every conversation regarding her career. Her parents approached her school principal-

Dr. Kalpana for a solution. Dr Kalpana had recently enrolled her school on Socially Good which is a platform to connect and form Parent Teacher Associations. She approached some parents who actively interacted with other parents and soon the PTA was expanding and functioning. One of the first issues they addressed was of career-choice.

Parents decided to have an event in the school premises where various parents would be guest lecturers in their area of specialization. The teachers also reconnected with the alumni and they too threw light upon the changing scenario of jobs at present. A lot of networking happened in the event. Some parents and alumni even agreed to give a tour of their workplaces to the students. Tanya visited five different workplaces including manufacturing company, IT start-up, a clinic, a research centre, and textile industry.

She was delighted and awed by what she saw at the textile industry. She approached the PTA who prepared a database of all the registered members, including teachers, staff, alumni, and parents. The database had information regarding their career, education, contact details and office address. She got in touch with some alumni who were doing fashion designing. Upon interacting with them, she got a good idea of what she wanted to pursue as a career. She shared her experience with the entire PTA in the form of an article which inspired many students to follow her idea and find out what interests them.

The school too benefitted from this event as it was able to rope in some alumni who were practising doctors and dentists, to conduct free dental and health-checkups. In addition, a roster of parents who could volunteer as a substitute teacher was maintained.  This helped to bridge the gap between all the stakeholders.

Neighbouring schools too wanted to be a part of the PTA and approached Socially Good to register themselves. The PTA in that region now includes 6 schools and 3747 members.   The best school is where parents, teachers and the school management have a shared vision and achieve it together. PTA helps the stakeholders do exactly that.


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