Sporting a great sports day: How SociallyGood did it?

Vani is a grade 10 student from Visakha Valley School, Visakhapatnam. Her school is very unique and technologically savvy. What sets her school apart is the active involvement of parent-teacher association (PTA) in all her school activities. Irrespective of the geographical barrier, even the boarders’ parents are active members of the PTA.  Parents use SociallyGood which is an online placement platform to connect with teachers and school administration. It helps both parties involved to stay in the loop about the students’ performance  anytime, anywhere.

SociallyGood was recently used to involve all stakeholders in the Annual Sports Day. Parents, retired teachers, alumni and their spouses, were asked to provide inputs about the program. They were actively involved in scheduling and managing the event. Annual Sports Day 2018 turned about to be a roaring success. Current teachers and students actively participated with full gusto. Every participant’s effort was cheered enthusiastically and the decibels raised several notches in the ground by encouraging hoots and hurrahs by the alumni, parents and their families. PTA and the alumni used SociallyGood to invite suggestions about various sports to be added. They also looked out for novel variations for some of the existing games and volunteers for many areas. For the first time, female Kabaddi teams competed across higher primary and secondary classes. The good old lemon in the spoon race was morphed with the book on the head game. A great suggestion emerged for modifying the hopscotch jumps to include students and parents as a team, so that parents also participate in the sports day. All these unique and amazing suggestions were received on the SociallyGood platform, which made it easier for everyone to access it and advice on what suggestions to be implemented in the event. PTA members actively took over volunteering to manage the crowds. Some people volunteered for advertising and announcements. SociallyGood played a major role in planning out the entire event and was glad to be a part of the entire event’s major success.

PTA’s involvement went beyond the sports day and the school campus.  Videos were beautifully captured by the parents and compiled by the alumni. The pictures and videos were then shared by everyone across various platforms such as YouTube, Whatsapp, Facebook, Twitter, etc. They were widely circulated and soon became the talk of the town. Print media such as Eenadu, The Hindu and Deccan chronicle too published articles along with colourful photographs in their “Events” section. This had a very major and positive impact on the PR.

All in all, Visakha Public School successfully connected the stakeholders and managed the event planning and execution smoothly with the help of SociallyGood.

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