The secret ingredient for better fundraising in temples

Online platforms and marketplaces have become a sure-fire method to increase outcomes. Nearly 81% of entities with online presence garnered new followers, leading to an increase in visibility and profitability, according to a survey conducted by Harris Interactive. Gartner research claims that 30% of small businesses with an online presence and fewer than 20 employees now generate more than 25% of their revenue online.  

SociallyGood is the world’s first online marketplace for social change, which brings together the primary stakeholders like individuals, non-profits and corporates. The technology-enabled online platform also helps in establishing an online presence for religious organizations and temples. It eases fundraising and also increases their overall reach. But how does it work? The story of these two successful businessmen will explain how they finally realized their dream of building their own temple through SociallyGood. 

“I am Harsha Vardhana and I have a business partner Mohit Kumar. We run an internet marketing company at Amaravati, Andhra Pradesh. Before we built our organization, we were  poor and struggled daily to get a full three-course meal. After putting years of our blood and sweat, by God’s grace, we built a successful business. Mohit and I have always been very religious; hence we felt the need to give back to God by building our own temple.  But we faced major challenges in raising funds for our temple. Buying real estate for the temple and other expenses cost us a fortune which we could not afford. Luckily, being in the technology industry for a decade, we heard of the cloud-based digital solution SociallyGood. By using SociallyGood, we were able to integrate a payment gateway to enable donations from anywhere in the world. Donors could donate amounts even as low as 1 Rupee. It allowed a better peer to peer fundraising and increased our reach. SociallyGood also eased donation and donor management by automating the process through its cloud platform. Through SociallyGood, we were able to raise enough funds for our temple in no time.” You can visit us at to know more about us and our work, as well as join our hands in whatever way you can. 

SociallyGood streamlines your donation management process and increases your fundraising capabilities. Not only that, it also helps sustain relations with donors for ongoing support. Therefore, overall SociallyGood simplifies your endeavor to scale up the donor-volunteer reach.
If you are also looking for a platform that will help you just like the above-mentioned organization, then please do visit us at and join us to start your free trial now. You can also reach out to us at for any additional queries. Keep being SociallyGood!!

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