Is your employee engagement rickety? Try CSR

Tower Perrin Global study says CSR is the 3 rd most important driver for employee engagement. However, may CSR ad CHRO work in silos. Smart companies realize sustainable employee engagement and organizational identity can be built by encouraging employees to actively participate in cleanliness drives, matching gift programs, and volunteering programs. Participation in cleanliness drives encourages employees to hone social skills, leadership development and more importantly participate in a social cause. Drives like these employees gain personal connect with social infrastructure and institutions including government agencies, schools and other institutions. Matching gift programs encourage employees’ value gratitude and sharing. Some HR managers believe such programs help employees understand the social challenges including poverty, immigration, and other bias better and become more sensitive in their working environment. Finally, supporting volunteer programs where the employees willingly participate and contribute to a specific intervention during their off-work period is a major aspect of CSR. Smart HR managers devise appropriate supportive measures including matching employee hours, social service honours and other mentions to drive volunteerism.


The key to make CSR effective is not just targeted contributions to outside agencies, but alignment to engage employees into CSR activities. The task looks easy but requires smart solutions to connect the employees, outside agencies and companies interests without any trade-offs. SociallyGood is a technology-based platform that addresses these issues and more. SociallyGood actively connects your employees with the non-profit of their choice through their online platform. The interested employees can register to volunteer with the simple click of a button. The employees can also donate to the non-profits through SociallyGood’s payment gateway. Realign your CSR goals to drive employee engagement and get better outcomes through SociallyGood.

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