Making Good Happen!

As the head of a large non-profit organization, it is safe to say that you have had your share of experience in the non-profit sector. From keeping donors engaged in finding ways to be resourceful. you may have had many nightmarish days and sleepless nights. Big struggle for non-profits including yours is retaining and engaging donors. We all realize without donors non-profits will all be nothing. They are the butter on your bread and sugar in your corn syrup. Another challenge is related to resources and sustainability. Any non-profit leader realizes there are just not enough resources to reach the objectives they have set for. Finding, motivating volunteers and donors is not easy. Getting the resources in the right place at the right time is a major issue.
Non-profits leaders quickly realize most of their money was going toward achieving the mission and needed some out of the box thinking to make their non-profit stay healthy. A simple system that allows non-profits to spread their wings to communicate, contact and raise funds from communities far and wide can certainly make a difference. The system must allow non-profits to communicate where exactly their money was used and stay on the radar of volunteers and donors with continuous engagement. Non-profits need a system that allows people to come over, volunteer whenever they can. There are many point solutions that help non-profits like yours manage donors, volunteers, campaigns, but for a challenge is finding the right IT resources to run and manage these diverse applications. SociallyGood Bee is the right panacea for the not-for-profit and social service sector. Sociallygood Bee improves online visibility for non-profits.
Sociallygood Bee helps non-profits to emerge stronger and resilient by reducing the cost of donor acquisition, and increase the market reach on voluntary and donation fronts. With Sociallygood Bee non-profits can share information about their programs, people, financials and seek out resources to sustain their efforts. With Sociallygood Bee non-profits can raise funds at a very low cost, use multiple channels including social media, SMS, email to inform, influence and advocacy of their programs. Engagement with community and volunteers can be deepened and kept vibrant with no major investments.

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