Sazen – Being Socially Rich in the Age of AI

Many individuals willing to contribute to social development and work through nonprofits face unique challenges. First, is knowing which nonprofit is working on areas of their interest in their city or province. Second is to know in what different ways can they contribute and participate in the interventions that the nonprofits are carrying out. The world would be better served of societal development if a right platform exists that connects individuals to nonprofits of their choice. SociallyGood connects individuals and companies with non-profits and social service organizations doing great work for their communities. SociallyGood also connects the beneficiaries who are receiving the grants or donation. SociallyGood is it is very easy to signup, seek information, interact, contribute and engage with non-profit players, all with the clicks of my mouse.
At one go an individual can have complete visibility of non-profits listed on the marketplace and working in their geographical choice. People can look at information about their programs, people behind the non-profits, financials and what more they need to sustain their valuable efforts. Thanks to SociallyGood people can find, work and engage with non-profits in one’s areas of interest. People can participate as a contributor or volunteer. People can no more give excuses to their grandmother in heaven for not participating and contributing to social change. As a responsible global citizen, they can now enrich their social life by contributing and participating in acts that can bring positive changes in countries across oceans.

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