Volunteerism – On-boarding volunteers in the virtual world

Onboarding is a crucial time for NGOs to give an overall understanding of your mission and work as well as letting the volunteers know the tasks they will be handling. Like all organizations, NGOs too have been badly hit by the ongoing pandemic. WFH, a situation that has risen from this has made building a strong relationship with the new hires a problem. 

SociallyGood, as the world’s first digital marketplace for social change can help in connecting volunteers to Non-profits, virtually. 

At SociallyGood, we help non-profits in effective volunteer management by providing them a dynamic platform and quick registration of any campaign based on the location and the cause. Volunteers can log in to our platform and enter his/her activities including volunteering hours, their work pictures, reports etc. 

Once the new volunteers are recruited, the next step is to help them adapt to the organisation.

  1. Prepare To Onboard Them Before They Join

Get offer letters and contracts as well as emailing the necessary forms for a smooth onboarding experience. Create a work from home checklist in prior to know if any additional equipment is required. Include a remote working guide which could be further explained during the induction. 

  1. Create A Welcome Kit

Get all IT hardware, software and access sorted to be included in the welcome pack.The pack can also include stationary, a calendar, organisational merchandise – to drive a sense of belonging, hand sanitiser (show you care), and some goodies such as chocolates etc. Prepare an onboarding plan for the first three months.

  1. The First Day

Make contact before the start date to check in and confirm arrangements for Day 1. As it is a virtual interaction, don’t skimp on the time spent with the new hires. Introduce the immediate team and run an orientation on the vision of the NGO and how the activities take place. Let them learn and understand the mission you’re trying to achieve.

  1. The First Three Months

Continuously check in with your new volunteers. Have daily interactions, multiple times a day if possible but ensure that you stick with professional work timings. Make sure your volunteers have a point of contact who would be readily available to their queries. Make sure e-meetings with relevant staff are happening – working at home can be lonely so these are even more important at the moment. Start off with allocating smaller tasks to the volunteer for them to feel a sense of accomplishment.

Be diligent about team meetings as these are opportunities to create team bonds that are essential to carry the NGO forward. Volunteering is very fulfilling activity that can lead the participant to feel like he is returning good-will to society, Even in the current scenario, NGOs have to make sure that there are ample opportunities and resources available for volunteering to continue taking place.

We at SociallyGood work with diverse Non-profits to run virtual campaigns where individuals can contribute their time and skills with just a few clicks. Also, sharing the experiences with beneficiaries. If you are also looking to associate with us, please do visit us at https://www.sociallygood.com or write to us at support@sociallygood.com.

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