Moving towards virtual volunteering

Volunteering has changed dramatically over recent years. The coronavirus pandemic has played a massive role in changing the way we interact, pushing us towards the virtual world from the real world. We have now entered the era of virtual volunteering, for real. Today’s volunteering includes donating your virtual time and skills. Instead of being present … Continue reading Moving towards virtual volunteering

Covid-19: Make the pictures speak

As the world stands united to fight the Coronavirus, everyone is playing their part by coming forward and doing their bit in fighting this pandemic. We all know a picture speaks a thousand words and is a strong medium to spread a message better. Pictures carry the ability to convey abstract and complex concepts. Therefore, … Continue reading Covid-19: Make the pictures speak

Digital Engagement in the times of Covid-19

Let’s join hands to get through this pandemic together, as a community committed to do our bit.  The coronavirus –COVID 19 pandemic is a defining global health crisis of our time and the greatest challenge that mankind is facing today. Nations across the globe are taking prominent measures to curb the spread of the virus … Continue reading Digital Engagement in the times of Covid-19