Four ways SociallyGood can address the challenges NGOs face today

The Non-profit sector in India is growing at a rapid scale. It has proved to play an important role in social and economic development across various sectors such as Education, Healthcare, Rural Development, Women Empowerment etc. Some NGOs address larger national concerns, advocacy for Human Rights, Law and its general awareness as well as addressing the basic needs of marginalized communities. The demand for their services is on the large but they face tough internal challenges which affect their growth and in turn affect social development. Here are 4 ways SociallyGood can address these obstacles.

1. Lack of proper Funding and Fundraising schemes


NGOs today face a major scarcity of funds and fundraising management schemes. The Government does not give sufficient grants in aid or delay grants and the day to day expenses of an NGO is also another problem. The funds are not sustainable to cover all expenses.

2. Volunteers and Volunteer Management


The problem of finding the right volunteers with the drive for social work also persists within the Non-profit sector. Due to their limited reach, non-profits are facing the issue of not receiving dedicated and motivated volunteers who are willing to do social work. The individuals are also facing the same dilemma of having no knowledge of connecting with relevant and genuine NGOs.

3. Lack of Technological adaptability


NGOs and non-profits are often limited by their reach because they are not social media and technology savvy and are not able to create brand awareness.

4. No proper Networking


Volunteers, Donors and CSRs do not have an idea of how to connect with each other when they want to donate or participate in social work.

SociallyGood is a digital platform that addresses all of these problems and more! SociallyGood eases fundraising, finds the right volunteers, increases visibility and reach and connects the volunteers and donors with the NGOs. It also allows the volunteers and donors to filter NGOs based on different sectors as per the individuals’ or donor’s discretion and location. SociallyGood helps bring together individuals, non-profits and organizations for a greater good!


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